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Par GewoonHerman

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08-04-2011, 20:40

Thanks, good people, for all your suggestions. I've mailed MarcV. I'm also having a look at the book Huey recommended to me.
Btw; What assembler is favourite? Currently I'm using Wbass2, which is fine by me, but I haven't tried another one.

Hoi Herman, I didn't received an email, so maybe you didn't typed it correctly?

Taken care of. Thanks for the scans!

Par dhofstede

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09-04-2011, 08:31

My favorite is tniasm. It's a cross assembler.
Open your laptop, open a notepad and start programming.
Then, open a DOS prompt en type: tniasm prog.asm
The result is a rom file. Open DSKMGR.XEXE to create a virtual disk and put the rom file in the disk file.

Then I open the emulator (BlueMSX) and load the dsk file. A BLOAD"PROG.ROM",R and the testing can begin!

Sounds complicated, but in real time it's about 15 seconds (except for the programming part Smile )

Par Manuel

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09-04-2011, 11:07

So, it's not a ROM file, but a BASIC BLOADable binary?

Par dhofstede

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10-04-2011, 12:39

.... you're right.... (it was early in the morning I guess Smile )

Par commodorejohn

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10-04-2011, 16:38

I'll second the TNIASM recommendation. It's quite solid and provides the Devpac INCBIN directive that too many assemblers leave out.

It's easy enough to do a cartridge ROM file, though - it's just a 16-byte header at the start of your binary, you can construct it with .dw directives right in the source file.

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