MSX lullaby game music selection

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Par Imanok

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23-07-2011, 12:50

I was thinking about what MSX game tunes would fit as a lullaby to make a CD or something for my new born daughter Smile

I've already thought about a few tunes from "Dragon Slayer VI" (intro tune and village tune) and from Golvellius II (I think is the fairy tune).

Any suggestions?? Wink

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Par Paulbrk

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23-07-2011, 13:05

Firehawk intro, Illussion city, Final fantasy(this msx version is arranged by Microcabin musician), Fray.

Par fiteblog

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23-07-2011, 13:07

hey imanok

There's a beautiful lullaby-like song in Fray's Ending. When you're celebrating your victory, Fray goes to some mountain. That track is really good, simple yet charming.

Also, you can try with Orgel Kids, that awesome BGV from Disc Station. If you can't recall it, watch

I'll post some new ones when they come to my head.

Par Rataplan

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23-07-2011, 13:42

Congratulations on your daughter!

Intro / story from Maze of Galious? Very short looping thing, but quite sweet. Rune Master 2 shop music, and it's default BGM if I recall correctly. Parodius enddemo seems quite good too (atleast until the beat kicks in)

Please post your tracklist in the end, I am very curious Smile I really like your idea!

Par cax

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23-07-2011, 14:46

7 years ago I used some tunes from Quarth. It worked with my daughter.

Par fukenko

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23-07-2011, 14:48

How about "Open your heart"? (Intro of Ys I MSX2).According to Mieko ishikawa,composer of the song,she wrote this song as a lullaby.She said that this song is a lullaby sung by Feena.

Par fiteblog

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23-07-2011, 15:07

Taking notes of all suggestions, what a compilation of great tunes.

Par ro

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23-07-2011, 15:17

Take any tune made by Wolf, guaranteed your daughter will fall asleep... boring music! Tongue

congrats on yer new born!

Par JohnHassink

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23-07-2011, 15:25

The water floor music of Xak Gazzel sounds kind of 'music boxy' and soothing.
Ofcourse, congratulations Imanok! Smile

Par FiXato

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23-07-2011, 15:28

Par Hrothgar

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23-07-2011, 16:11

Maze of Galious, Demeter's tune 1'46

Ys Origin, although only the beginning is more suitable
If only you could hack out the beats and sound effects.

SD Snatcher, church themes 6'03

Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake, "Night Fall", "Wavelet" 0'00 1'53

Hinotori end demo

Oh, and when she's too fast asleep, here's a fine wake-up tune. Turn up the volume!

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