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Par Grauw

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14-10-2003, 13:37

"what is msx?"

msx is known as the best 8 bit z80 computer ever produced in the world
msx is out of production by the great producers
msx is a "standard" create by several societies
msx is not really worthwhile
msx is the first technology in space to characterize ballistic missile signatures during the "midcourse" phase of their flight
msx is the most powerful ever
msx is not dead
msx is totally dead even if msx player comes out
msx is dit vooral gericht op spelletjes en voor de acorn zijn dit vooral public domain
msx is a disease that harms oysters but cannot be transmitted to humans
msx is a cartridge
msx is little more than a souped up colecovision
msx is located on the undernet irc network
msx is not available in the regular shops anymore
msx is now 19 years old
msx is to be launched aboard a delta ii booster from vandenberg air force base in california
msx is lethal to the eastern oyster
msx is genuinely a significant breakthrough for the industry
msx is compiled with borland delphi 6 personal edition
msx is still alive
msx is different in almost every model
msx is a standard developed by microsoft
msx is probably best known for its konami games
msx is a different consolecomputer from the sega
msx is a reference to the sega master system
msx is meant to materialize in 2005
msx is a technological breakthrough allowing polistream
msx is a 55 watt set of fog lights that will out perform lights of similar size with more than double wattage
msx is just as cool and fun as any other version out there
msx is fun


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Par Latok

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14-10-2003, 13:57

"msx is lethal to the eastern oyster"

This is by far the best slogan. I think we're gonna use it Tongue

Par wolf_

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14-10-2003, 13:58

this begs for a yet-to-be-made RPG called: "super deform oysters"

OYSTERS! come on! Smile

Par pitpan

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14-10-2003, 18:01

Indeed, there is an Atari 2600 game that is called "OYSTERS" or something like that. Perhaps someone could do a V9990+Moonsound+R800 version...


Par BiFi

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14-10-2003, 18:38

"msx is a disease that harms oysters but cannot be transmitted to humans"

well, at least human seems to be safe from msx... (ahum)...

Par legacy

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14-10-2003, 23:45

"what is msx?"
msx is a standard developed by microsoft

I think Asci set the hardwaredef's and microsoft develop the operatingsystem

Par snout

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24-08-2004, 20:24

quite a lot has changed recently ;)

Par Latok

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24-08-2004, 20:42

The eastern oyster is gone Tongue

Par Wibbly

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27-08-2004, 23:08


that's my favourite one too... although I'm looking forward to this...

msx is meant to materialize in 2005

Par MäSäXi

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29-08-2004, 13:20

no it´s not! eastern oyster was still kickin´ when I just checked googlism page!

Hope someone knows when it´s exactly time when MSX materializes in 2005... thought I guess I am not the one who wants to be there watching... it can be deadly to us who are mere mortals... remember what happened to them who stood too close to STARGÅTE when it was activated...