I sell 54 konamis without box + disk game collection without box

Par Silius

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18-10-2011, 18:13

I sold the next konamis
I don't sell separate I sell all together
Please if you are interesting please send me an offer : dmasia@terra.es


Thanks a lot


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Par Vampier

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18-10-2011, 20:00


Par meits

Scribe (6514)

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18-10-2011, 22:00

Where did all the boxes go oO

Par Konamito

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19-10-2011, 15:45

I'd buy if I was millionaire Big smile

Par Silius

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19-10-2011, 18:08

Hi put the cost for all the games:

1420 euros + shipping cost

I think Is a good price

Pd The boxes are in my house LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!

Par LeoM

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20-10-2011, 11:30

If you would sell these games seperate, maybe you would get that much for them. All together, I don't think you will get €1400,-

But who know's, maybe I'm wrong.
Good luck with the sale.

Par Silius

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21-10-2011, 07:28

Hi Leo

thanks for you suggestion, do you sell all your games?

Well i put the las price for all the games ( 54 konamis + disk game collection)

1300 euros + shipping cost

Well thanks all the people that to send me a e-mail

Best Regards,