MSX Club Groningen meeting of July 15th cancelled

par Serico on 14-07-2007, 19:13
Sujet: Events

Due to personal circumstances, MSX Club Groningen have canceled the meeting that was planned to be held this Sunday, July 15th.
At this moment it is not known when the next meeting of MSX Club Groningen will be held.

Relevant link: MSXCG website

Commentaires (3)

Par msxfemale

Master (223)

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15-07-2007, 22:32

Again ? This is the second time in a short while

Par wolf_

Ambassador_ (9970)

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16-07-2007, 18:01

yeahwell: shit happens..

Par Prodatron

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17-07-2007, 23:49

Hope 18.November will work. I am planning to come there (the meeting in September collides with the MSX Info Update in Helsinki, which I would like to visit).