Manbow 2 - Price reduction

par wolf_ on 23-10-2011, 15:41
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It's the game that's put norakomi on the map. Initially started as an MSX-BASIC project, soon enough he started learning Z80 assembly to realize his dream: a sequel to Konami's console-quality shooter Space Manbow. Years ago, Sunrise jumped onto the bandwagon and sold Manbow 2 on cartridge. According to Sunrise' website, only ten cartridges are left, and they go for a friendly €12,50. In short: if you want Manbow 2, you know what to do. Make haste!  

Relevant link: Sunrise

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Par Sarcasmic

Master (149)

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24-10-2011, 01:22

Why so suddenly a price reduction?? will this be the last batch of manbow 2 for ever?

Par mtn

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30-01-2013, 23:41

Is this game still available? The website for sunrisemsx doesnt let me order it even for download?