msx-dos 2 problems

Par madcrow

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09-02-2005, 15:20

i can't get msx-dos 2 to work on bluemsx. i load up the dos 2 cartridge and the dos 2 disk, but it doesn't work at all. instead the virtual msx gets through the logo screen then blanks to a blue screen and frezes up. i've tried both 2.2 and 2.3 rom images and 2.2 and 2.3 disk images. can anyone help me out here?

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Par mars2000you

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09-02-2005, 17:17

MSX-DOS 2.2 can only be used on MSX2 and MSX2+ machines

MSX-DOS 2.3 can only be used on Turbo-R machines; as the DOS 2.3 rom is already part of the Turbo-R configuration, you must only use the DOS 2.3 disk image.

Par madcrow

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11-02-2005, 14:11

thanx. i got it working now...

Par Wibbly

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28-02-2005, 21:15

I read somewhere that MSX-DOS is now freeware. I can't seem to find it.

I just want to run Bombaman on either BlueMSX or OpenMSX.

Can anyone tell me EXACTLY what I need? I have an MSX-DOS 2.2 Rom (versions 1 to 3) and the english Disk, but so far this has not allowed me to run Bombaman successfully.

Can I use the Turbo R for this? Doesn't this already have 2.3? I'm so out of touch with using a real MSX I'm having trouble working out exactly what I need to get going.

Par Manuel

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28-02-2005, 23:02

Just run it on a turboR, that should work. Make sure to boot in DOS2 mode though, that only works when booting without disk, or booting iwth a DOS2 formatted disk.