Video/screen compare > emulator vs real MSX

Par Mafcase

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21-02-2005, 16:30

I know there is NO way an MSX emulator will emulate the real MSX screen, but would like to know what comes the most closest to 'the real thing'.
Due to lack of space I'm not able to set up my 'real' MSX system, so I can't compare at the moment!

I'm using 'Blue MSX' v. 2.0 with the following video options set: Video type: Color, Video emulation: Monitor, Horizontal stretch: on

Is there any setting that will come closer to the real MSX screen??

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Par snout

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21-02-2005, 16:33

Is there a 'real MSX screen'? MSX1 looks different than MSX2 (though that's mostly a palette thing), a Philips RGB monitor looks different than a high-end 100Hz widescreen TV or even a beamer... on the other hand PC GFX tend to look (slightly) different on about every different video-card/monitor combination. Heck, even different versions of drivers can make a change these days. I think blueMSX and openMSX allow enough configurability to get reasonably close to what you're used to Wink

Par cax

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21-02-2005, 16:43

Agree with snout - 'real MSX screen' is what you are used to.
In my childhood I saw only 3 configurations:
green monitor via RCA,
color monitor via RGB,
big color TV via RGB.

Only once I saw antenna connection on MSX my friend brought from his trip to Japan.

So, for me "real MSX screen" is mostly green or color monitor.

Par mars2000you

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21-02-2005, 16:58

I think blueMSX and openMSX allow enough configurability to get reasonably close to what you're used to Wink

Indeed ! For information: blueMX 2.2 will include new parameters to get a more customisable video aspect.

And a little remark : what concerns the horizontal/vertical aspect of the screen, blueMSX has an hardware horizontal stretching of the screen that allows to get the 'real' MSX screen. For other aspects of the MSX screen, try the different parameters !

Par Wibbly

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28-02-2005, 17:13

I really like the BlueMSX screen options. I use the noisy Y/C cable, with scanlines.

This looks close to how it was for me as a kid, only without the pixel shift of the composite connection.

Par poke-1,170

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28-02-2005, 17:30

yeah that noisyness is exactly what made me love bluemsx when I booted a game,they realy thought about the feel of it too, I was used to having it through coax cable on colour tv,but I like that you can also see it on monitor settings ....