New website slower, and sometimes not able to login (no server response)

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21-12-2011, 16:36

Someone have the same ?

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22-12-2011, 08:19

Apparently not. Yesterday there was some massive serverload, thanks to Google (and possibly other crawlers) indexing tens of thousands of pages (70.000 according to Google alone). The complexity of the website and the amount of daily pageviews have increased drastically for 2k11, but our brand spanking new webserver (and dito config) actually resulted in a website that is faster than the old one. 

Google webmaster tools shows the average time their crawler spends loading pages from decreased from ~600ms to ~250ms. More than twice as fast, that is. Which is spectaclar, given the increase in load and datatraffic. Our own benchmarks seem to support these measurements (2 to 4 times faster). However, we're in a different data center and results may vary around the globe.

Are you (still) experiencing timeouts? And is your login-problem a timeout-issue or is it compeltely unrelated?

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