Hello everybody

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25-06-2005, 22:43

Hello friends !

I just want to introduce me in the world of MSX !.

My name is Ernest, i'm 24, I live in Marseille in France.
and I love MSX.

I own a MSX 1, Sanyo PHC-28L and I have also few cartridges on it like Nemesis, Penguin Adventure, Road Fighter, Knightmare...
I plan to rebuild a tape cord in order to play with my old tapes.

That's all folks but see you around in this forum !

P.S : Apologize for my bad english, i'm just french lol !

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Par [D-Tail]

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27-06-2005, 00:18

Welcome, Pentaru!

(Might we reconsider a French MRC again? Wink)

Par SKiLLa

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27-06-2005, 01:25

Welcome Pentaru !
A tape-cord should be easy to get your hands on.
You might drop a message here, perhaps someone has such a cable left-over,
or otherwise try a MSX-hardware-freak, like: baskornalijnslijper @ zonnet.nl (minus the whitespaces ofcourse)

Good luck and have fun MSXing !

Par Pentaru

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04-07-2005, 20:06

Hi !

A french MRC ? Why not ? If you want to build one, I want to be in the adventure !!!.

Thanks SKilla, Tomorrow I will go to an electronic shop who sell 5-pins DIN. It's not too expensive (only 3€).

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07-07-2005, 12:11

Welcome in the wonderful world called MSX Smile

The cassette cable has an 8-pin DIN...

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08-07-2005, 20:28


I know that Bifi, but only 5-pins are useful for compatibility with differents tape recorders.