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29-01-2012, 11:26

Hi all
here is a little introduction

I'm from the Netherlands(holland) from the city Delft
i got my first MSX in 1984 and was primarily using it to play games, in 1988 i got my first MSX2
On this one i started to make programs and lateron demo's. At the time i was also busy with playing in rockbands as leadguitarist, so the dream of creating my own game never got off the ground

I studied multimedia design and combined light programming with visual design, thats a way to make your hobby your work lol

Now, years later, i found my old msx' in my dads' basement with like 1500 disks and all my old books, some roms and tapes

I am seriously now busy creating my own game, projectname M-Fighter
in the development part of the forums i will keep you posted on the news on that

George a.k.a. Wolverine_nl

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29-01-2012, 11:49

Hi George,

Welcome back Big smile



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29-01-2012, 12:23

Welcome, I think only the MSX can do this Smile

Par Manuel

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29-01-2012, 14:22

Any stuff you released in the past which we could know? Groups you were in? Nicknames you used back then? (Yes, I'm curious.)

Par Wolverine_nl

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29-01-2012, 22:21

I was solitairy in that, some people saw the demo's , nothing officially released ( yet) lol

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