Third Spanish Aleste translation

par RobertVroemisse on 30-01-2012, 20:36
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The game Aleste is all about the supercomputer DIA 51, which has been infected by some sort of virus and therefor, decides to destroy the entire human race. During this attack, Yuri, Raymond Waizen's girlfriend, gets injured in an explosion and is taken to a hospital by him. After this traumatic event, Ray speeds into action and takes the ALESTE-fighter to get rid of this lethal virus once and for all.
Nice story right? Too bad it was presented to us in Japanese. This gave MSX user Django the idea back in November 2010 to make a Spanish and French translation of the game, shortly followed by an update by Konamito. Now, a year later, MSX enthusiast Locomosxca took the liberty to create a third Spanish translation based on an earlier Purtuguese version by Luiz H. Lugato. Confused? No need to be. Just follow this link and decide for yourself which translation suits you best.

Relevant link: Locomosxca World

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Par Jorito

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30-01-2012, 21:28

Heh, nice to notice that the Ebay block on the right just displays an Aleste cartridge for sale. For just $288.18 Tongue

Par Vampier

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30-01-2012, 21:32

Dear Robert: please use spellcheck in your newspost Smile


Par Meits

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30-01-2012, 21:31

Anyone who can get any of the translated Alestes working? I can run everything but them...

Par anonymous

incognito ergo sum (109)

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30-01-2012, 21:53

@Vampier: Why do I need a spellcheck? I have you... Wink Thanks!

Par Meits

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30-01-2012, 22:23

Vampier fixed stuff in openMSX... Works now... Sad most txt is graphical... As I was a bit annoyed with the spanish speech and I wanted to do an english translation in a hex monitor, i didn't find much... Got no skills to extract the gfx and alter them...

Par Manuel

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31-01-2012, 20:47

openMSX wasn't fixed, but he added the entries to the software database with the proper mapper type. YOu can also specify the mapper type manually in e.g. Catapult. Use the ASCII16 mapper type.

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