Kralizec's goodbye present

Kralizec's goodbye present

par wolf_ on 25-04-2012, 19:34
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All good things usually come to an end. The people behind Kralizec have been among the experienced regulars to create MSX games, and their output certainly showed quality. Some scene turbulence in 2011 made them decide to close their website for good. While our connection with our old 8-bitter is so big that we couldn't understand leaving it all behind, for Kralizec it was clear as a whistle: "We've had enough."

In the months following this decision, it occurred to Kralizec that somehow people still wanted a place to download Kralizec games, yet they didn't feel like sticking around MSX any longer. Because of that, Kralizec have decided that their software deserves a place where everyone can download. In the past days, Kralizec have given the MSX Resource Center the exclusive rights to distribute their games.

As such, this list is Kralizec's final MSX output. As a bonus, the games come with revised user manuals.

This marks the first time Bombjack is distributed freely. Better yet, this version is slightly but significantly improved compared to the the disk version.

As you see, their Goonies game is included as well. Kralizec wishes to emphasize that only the real physical cartridge has the sound quality they've intended. MSX is indeed a system where the PSG balance may differ, even within the MSX range of a single manufacturer; the Philips 8245 and the 8250 are a well known example of this. The turbo R is 'almost perfect' as they've put it. In a creative way, it's commendable that they take sound balance so serious. Others have added PSG-SCC equalizers in their games, having an 'external' PSG and SCC in a physical game cartridge was Kralizec's solution, one that would certainly honour the work of the composer. And those were Kralizec's final MSX words!

Happy gaming! Perhaps you could, every now and then when you play their games, travel down memory lane, to the golden revival years in which Kralizec was most active!

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  • Kralizec's goodbye present
  • Kralizec's goodbye present
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  • Kralizec's goodbye present
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  • Kralizec's goodbye present
  • Kralizec's goodbye present
  • Kralizec's goodbye present
  • Kralizec's goodbye present
  • Kralizec's goodbye present
  • Kralizec's goodbye present
  • Kralizec's goodbye present

Commentaires (51)

Par Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1771)

Portrait de Jorito

25-04-2012, 23:32

Very nice! I really appreciate all the work and cool games Kralizec did for the MSX. It's too bad that they quit developing for MSX, but this is a goodbye gift that I like a lot! Thanks guys!

Par KdL

Paragon (1413)

Portrait de KdL

26-04-2012, 01:46

Nooooo! Why!!??? Crying To make works for MSX is a personal passion.. all the rest is not significant for me!!

Par Alexandre_Taito

Champion (325)

Portrait de Alexandre_Taito

26-04-2012, 04:38

As hard as it can be, MSX games will always be pirated. Maybe Kralizec people should take the problems with lightness...I know it is hard, but they will be missed by the entire MSX world.

Par SkyeWelse

Champion (471)

Portrait de SkyeWelse

26-04-2012, 05:41

As I am fairly new to MSX hardware, I've only recently become acquainted with the Kralizec team. But now that I have recently been given the chance to play many of the titles they have developed for MSX, including Goonies, I have really enjoyed their games and approach in development style. Having talked with them recently, I can honestly say that they are extremely nice people, and I can tell just how passionate they were about the quality of their product, especially with Goonies.

Goonies R Good Enough alone could have just as easily been an officially licensed title as far as I'm concerned. Not only is it a tribute to the Konami originals and what makes the film so special, it goes well beyond what the Konami versions offer and expands on the theme.

It's a real shame to see that they have stopped development for MSX, but I understand why they did. They will be missed, and it is a very nice final offering to the MSX community to allow all of their games, including their commercial releases to be free for anyone to play.


Par Akiguchi

Hero (620)

Portrait de Akiguchi

26-04-2012, 08:04

Will this mean that the original cartridges could also be bought again?

Par Gakubuchi

Expert (95)

Portrait de Gakubuchi

26-04-2012, 10:07

We will miss you so much, Kralizec!

Par Huey

Prophet (2675)

Portrait de Huey

26-04-2012, 10:26


Par PingPong

Prophet (3788)

Portrait de PingPong

26-04-2012, 11:12


Par mesiasmsx

Prophet (3338)

Portrait de mesiasmsx

26-04-2012, 11:40

Thanks for all.

Par snout

Ascended (15184)

Portrait de snout

26-04-2012, 11:46

It's sad to see Kralizec leave the MSX community, but great to notice they do so with their heads up high! Thank you so much for the good years, Kralizec!

I sincerely hope that when time passes your memories of the good times you had on MSX far outweigh the few rough patches you unfortunately encountered. Thanks for everything and... although it may be a bit naive... I hope the MSX community hears from you again somewhere in the future!

Par Imanok

Paragon (1188)

Portrait de Imanok

26-04-2012, 11:57

Guys, thank you very much for those years of dedication, quality and fun Wink

Par Maggoo

Paragon (1214)

Portrait de Maggoo

26-04-2012, 13:47

Very sorry to see Krazilec Go away from the MSX Scene. I've always thought their productions were reaching and sometime exceeding commercial grade games from the likes of Compile, Konami etc... And I still think their Bombjack is one of the best Arcade port on the MSX ! Thanks for your contribution to the MSX world.

Par fiteblog

Rookie (30)

Portrait de fiteblog

26-04-2012, 15:31

They will be missed. Their games had a special look and feel, both technical and playable.
Also, they did one of the few pixel perfect arcade versions for MSX.

Par viejo_archivero

Paragon (1395)

Portrait de viejo_archivero

26-04-2012, 17:56

Despite this final gift, I still hope to see them comeback soon: until then, I just can say a big "respect". Long live Kralizec!

Par Gradius2

Hero (626)

Portrait de Gradius2

26-04-2012, 19:48

No matter the age or era, everything can be pir8, the difference is for some games, that doesn't count like nothing (less than 10% are pir8) from MILLION sales. So they make profit from 90%, not bad at all!

This will never happen on MSX anyway.

It would be nice to see some tools used to make those games, so we could make more for hobby.

Par benedick

Resident (36)

Portrait de benedick

26-04-2012, 20:04

Big applause again for kralizec! Thanks for your effort and passion, it has taught others.

Par JohnHassink

Ambassador (5591)

Portrait de JohnHassink

26-04-2012, 20:57

Thanks for everything, Kralizec! Unfortunate that you see no other option than to quit, but doing so while leaving this present is a very noble thing to do.

Par makinavaja

Master (219)

Portrait de makinavaja

26-04-2012, 21:42

. . .
. . .
. . .

Par DanySoft

Champion (450)

Portrait de DanySoft

26-04-2012, 22:38

Do not close your site ... Sad
Your game Operation Wolf is one of the best games of the world! Big smile

Wishes for a happy holiday. Do not miss ..
you are Best! Big smile

Par spl

Paragon (1470)

Portrait de spl

26-04-2012, 23:55

I always hoped.... for a return Sad

Anyway... thanks for all!!!


Par Vampier

Prophet (2386)

Portrait de Vampier

27-04-2012, 00:10

Thanks guys!


Enlighted (6564)

Portrait de ARTRAG

27-04-2012, 09:39

great games! bombjack is a masterpiece! Thanks

Par Rataplan

Master (249)

Portrait de Rataplan

27-04-2012, 10:44

Great games, and above that very skilled programming. It's obvious huge amounts of effort are put in here... Sad to see them go. May your futures be bright!

Par turbor

Champion (488)

Portrait de turbor

27-04-2012, 10:45

This is sad news. Crying
I'm sure that for most people Kralizec got a "Konami"-like reputation. As soons as they released something you could blindly assume that the quality would be of an amazingly high level.

I'm glad that they took the decission to allow the further distribution of their software when stopping, most software developers would leave their legacy fading away in a corner of their room without giving other people the possibility to enjoy the software.

So thanks for all the great games created during all these years.

Par edoz

Prophet (2394)

Portrait de edoz

27-04-2012, 14:04

Sad news... indeed.. but the games are very nice..

Par ray2day

Paladin (669)

Portrait de ray2day

29-04-2012, 13:08

too bad...

Par Vincent van Dam

Hero (513)

Portrait de Vincent van Dam

02-05-2012, 11:40

Thanks guys!

Par Randam

Paragon (1415)

Portrait de Randam

03-05-2012, 22:49

Thanks for all the great productions you released over the years and for the enjoyment you provided with your games! Very sad that you guys decided to quit MSX (development). I hope that you will someday reconsider though the chances are probably slim. You will be missed...

Par nanochess

Master (222)

Portrait de nanochess

05-05-2012, 21:26

Wow!, certainly Goonies'r'good enough is pretty impressive in graphics and music. Also I liked very much Dahku.
It is a shame that the programmers leave the scene.
So all I can say is good luck in your new projects! and thanks to Kralizec!

Par supmsx

Master (158)

Portrait de supmsx

08-05-2012, 17:20

I am very sad to see this guy stopping programs for MSX,he is really good and just one word : thank you

Par shaiwa

Champion (384)

Portrait de shaiwa

09-05-2012, 09:45

For now a big thank you and ...
Maybe we see you guys back in better times ...

Par PingPong

Prophet (3788)

Portrait de PingPong

09-05-2012, 21:46

Kralizek productions are ALL very high quality productions. They used at best every msx generation.
Thanks for all.

Par Bastiaan

Champion (333)

Portrait de Bastiaan

11-05-2012, 19:58

thanks for all yuor high quality products!
Miss you already...

Par SkyeWelse

Champion (471)

Portrait de SkyeWelse

14-05-2012, 23:03



Enlighted (5889)

Portrait de NYYRIKKI

25-04-2014, 08:25

Two years have passed without Kralizec... it's really a shame...

Par Walter.MSX

Expert (72)

Portrait de Walter.MSX

29-04-2014, 19:32

I fully agree. Which waste. Crying

Par roadfighter

Champion (425)

Portrait de roadfighter

04-05-2014, 08:56

Thanks for the contribution to the MSX scene.
You will be missed.

Par ericb59

Paragon (1048)

Portrait de ericb59

13-05-2014, 08:10

… Just to know… Are Kralizec games freeware now ?

Par Metalion

Paragon (1451)

Portrait de Metalion

30-05-2016, 14:14

I know it's been 4 years ...
But the games are no longer available for download, it seems.
Were they moved elsewhere ?

Par mars2000you

Enlighted (6014)

Portrait de mars2000you

30-05-2016, 17:12

Send a mail to Ramones :

Par spl

Paragon (1470)

Portrait de spl

31-05-2016, 11:45

It seems that Ramones asked to delete all the games from MSX.ORG

Goonies is not available for download even on MSXGAMESWORLD

Ohers are available here, here and and here :)

Enjoy these gems :)

Par riquet

Master (169)

Portrait de riquet

31-05-2016, 21:46

ericb59 wrote:

… Just to know… Are Kralizec games freeware now ?

Just to know if you can sell it now... M$X fan Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

Par spl

Paragon (1470)

Portrait de spl

01-06-2016, 15:38

riquet wrote:
ericb59 wrote:

… Just to know… Are Kralizec games freeware now ?

Just to know if you can sell it now... M$X fan Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

This question was put here 2 years ago. Bomb Jack for example is being sold with authors permission. Eric is very serious.

Even you can read:

"This Game was created by Kralizec in 2004-2005.
As a Kralizec Request, you may know all benefits of this sale goes to funding Repro-factory website, and may contribute to maintain and upgrade the website."

So be serious, thanks.

Par abasira

Expert (81)

Portrait de abasira

04-11-2019, 10:39

Hola, puesto que en formato físico parece imposible de conseguir...donde se puede descargar a día de hoy una copia del juego goonies R??


Par hamlet

Scribe (3706)

Portrait de hamlet

04-11-2019, 11:13

Dear abasira.
Since this is the english part of the forum, we ask you to keep your posts in english. The Google translator or will help you.
To your question: The programs are by no means freeware and there is no place where you can download them. However, the author gives them to you on request. TFH also maintains these for online gaming on his homepage.

Par abasira

Expert (81)

Portrait de abasira

04-11-2019, 16:20

I would like to buy the game goonies R from krazilec. If not possible, get a version to play on a real MSX computer.


Par hamlet

Scribe (3706)

Portrait de hamlet

04-11-2019, 18:26

it’s not possible to purchase this cartridge anymore. That’s sad but true. The best way is to load the ROM from a MFR. It supports the second PSG. The file is only available from former Kralicec members. Try to contact user Ramones.

Par sdsnatcher73

Prophet (2312)

Portrait de sdsnatcher73

04-11-2019, 21:16

Or copy the above links into, worked for me...

Par KdL

Paragon (1413)

Portrait de KdL

06-11-2019, 16:46

abasira wrote:

Hola, puesto que en formato físico parece imposible de conseguir...donde se puede descargar a día de hoy una copia del juego goonies R??


Hi. I sent you an email in pvt with a proposal. Let me know if you're interested in buying my cartridge.
Unfortunately the work is not as good as I would like and I will have to sell all my games.

Par tenroom

Rookie (30)

Portrait de tenroom

22-06-2021, 19:06

I watched the video of the game Goonies R on youtube. I really want to play this game! The file is missing from the links. Tell me where you can download this game. Help me please.

Par tenroom

Rookie (30)

Portrait de tenroom

23-06-2021, 08:31

I apologize for disturbing you, the question is no longer relevant.