Philips NMS-1515 Tape player

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26-07-2012, 08:31


I've been going through my collection in order to test everything before putting it in storage and/or selling some of it. Now I've got two NMS-1515 Tape recorders from Philips but haven't had any luck getting them working with batteries, I suspect the batteries aren't good enough to run the tape recorder. It's also got an input for 9V DC which would of course be the preferable way to test it and make sure it works. The problem is that I can't find any information on which polarity it uses and don't really want to test without knowing for sure. So my question is, does anybody here know what polarity I should use?


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Par mesiasmsx

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27-07-2012, 13:09

I have Philips D6450 the polarity is 9V - inside.

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29-04-2014, 14:17

By "- inside" you mean negative on center pin, right?