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Par rainwarrior

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13-12-2021, 10:34

Can't seem to get Snatcher to run with SCC+ sound. Tried all sorts of different variations (e.g. original japanese version vs. english translation, using slot 1 or 2, running from actual floppy disk after bypassing Nextor boot, holding "S" during boot, using SofaRun instead of Emufile, etc.), but the result is always the same. I start the program, select SCC+, but as the game begins it is playing the PSG soundtrack and not SCC+. The boot program the English translation supplies actually seems to auto-detect the SCC+ and picks the right slot, but still the game runs as PSG sound? Anyone else encountered this? Is there something extra that needs to be done to make it work?

SCC+ works fine with SD Snatcher translation. SCC works fine with Space Manbow and Metal Gear 2. Snatcher just doesn't seem to want to do it. (I have an HB-F1XD machine, if that's relevant.)

It's really hard to search for anything about this related to snatcher, since there are so many other threads about SD Snatcher and also lots of other mentions. I just couldn't find any info about this.

Otherwise, I just got this cart the other day and am really pleased with it so far. The only thing that bugs me about it is sometimes the ROM load just hangs in the middle for no reason. After taking the cartridge out and re-inserting it seems to be fine after a few tries, and then works for a while, but every once in a while it starts hanging again. (Tried a few different micro SD cards, but they all did the same thing.)

Par foody

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13-12-2021, 17:38

I under now why you called yourself sdsnatcher. It is a great game!

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