Golvellius 2 translation

Par avanze

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14-01-2014, 18:32

I know there is a pre-patched English translation available, but is there a separate IPS (or other suitable patch) available as a separate file?

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Par mars2000you

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14-01-2014, 18:55

You can create the IPS file by using IPSEXE or Lunar IPS : these tools allow also to compare the original ROM with the patched ROM.

Par avanze

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14-01-2014, 19:13

That's absolutely great. Thanks.

Par Vampier

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15-01-2014, 05:15

One problem Smile Golvellius 2 comes on 3 disks

Par siddy6581

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19-03-2018, 22:10

Hi There!
I'm just got myself a NMS 8250 a while back and am now exploring theis cool, new, msx scene. So many exciting titles and possibilties. Anyway, i've started to copies som games from DSK to old diskettes with Disk Maneger and so far I've been able to play many games as well as many hacked ones with new translations (IPS files). I was so happy when I found out there was a translation of Golvillius 2 around since Golvillius on the Master system used to be one on my favourite games a while back. However I can't get te dsk-files to work at all. I've tried original copies on DSK files as well as the translation-DSK files on MSX generation, but nada. Nothing boots the screen just go blank and blue. Is there some patch out there to fix this, or would things work out better if I used som kind of IPS-mod on the original DSK-files? I can't find any IPS-files anywhere on the intrenet for the translation. And what is this Woomb-translation that I hear people talk about, is this related the MSX translation-page?

best wishse Smile Sid, Sweden