Xanadu (MSX2 disk)

Par Opethian

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30-06-2014, 15:42

How to you created a user disk for this game? I don't see an option. or am I supposed to remove the write protection from the program disk? I cant seem to find any info on this only on the cart version.

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Par Opethian

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09-07-2015, 17:34

bump plz help Cool

Par giangiacomo.zaffini

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09-07-2015, 17:47

I really don't know, I guess can You prepare in advance an empty disc before start playing Xanadu ?

Par DrWh0

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16-07-2015, 16:52

Xanadu has 2 floppies, the second one I would swear it was the user disk, but I think you can format an empty floppy and use it as user disk (I cannot confirm it because I sold my copy a couple of years ago), I hope this reply can help you