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Par giuseve

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25-11-2014, 15:21

It’s cool to see that in 2014 there are so many porting for MSX Games. It’s curious to see that there are 2 different philosophy: 1) Porting from Z80 family as SPECTRUM and AMSTRAD and 2) Remake of 16bit-like games.
Family n° 1 is the biggest part, because porting code from other Z80 machine is easier. This was the standard of a lot of software houses in 80’s, when MSX GAMES = SPECTRUM GAMES. But we know instead that MSX has better features. Nowadays a lot of coders use this philosophy to port games.
Family n° 2 is a small group of games. I think about SONIC, MARIO WORLD, Eggbert and few others where the inspiration is a game from a console or a 16bit Home Computer.
I think that MSX deserve more games from 2nd family. How is complicated to remake games like LOTUS, GHOST ‘n GOBLINS, XENON2 from Amiga on ours MSX2 or MSX2+?
What do you think?
Which Games released since 1990 for MSX do you consider member of the 1st or 2nd family?

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Par anonymous

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25-11-2014, 15:34

Operation Wolf by Kralizec is a very good original port, contrary to the conversion from Spectrum:

Also, I think that Eggbert was an original game, not a port from something.

I have always wondered why we've never seen Space Harrier for MSX(1).

Par Maggoo

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25-11-2014, 16:21

Well Vaxol for MSX 1 is kinda Space Harrier inspired. Also Space Harrier II was ported to the MSX (Spectrum port)

Par Daemos

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25-11-2014, 16:23

Porting from 16 bit to MSX is pretty difficult. All these games are usually very content rich and lots of manual crafting and coding is required to make the port a success. So family N 2 is problematic. Hence the slow development times for these ports.

Par JohnHassink

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25-11-2014, 16:24

Yes, Vaxol proves that Space Harrier could have looked pretty allright on MSX1!
Whereas Feedback proves that it could have been done on MSX2:
And wow, didn't know about the Space Harrier II port!

Par giuseve

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26-11-2014, 06:08

...that is the reson why I talked about PORTING for z80 inspired games. For the 2nd family we cannot speak ahout porting due to the big system difference, but we need to call it REMAKE or MAKE FROM ZERO.
In my opinion Manbow2 is in 2nd family,

Par Randam

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26-11-2014, 20:22

Talking about porting z80 inspired games: kinda weird that no pc88 games were looked at by the community to port to msx since quite a lot games that were released on it back in the day were also made for msx.

Par hit9918

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27-11-2014, 16:52

Space Harrier. Easy, the penguin machine Smile wants the tiles of sega master.
A "z80 port" is from ZX. That sega too has a z80 somehow plays no role in that picture.

Another example, just recently was shown an MSX1 game with beauty background. That can't have been a C64 CPC ZX port. Practicaly 8bit homecomputers should be avoided if you want inspiration for MSX tiles. This is true for both MSX1 and MSX2.
e.g. for colorsprites I would suggest looking at Wii Mario instead of C64 giana.

Par PingPong

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28-11-2014, 19:49

i would like how ghost'n'goblis would be on msx2. it's a multidirectional scrolling game with some challenges even of sprites.

Par tfh

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28-11-2014, 21:31

JohnHassink wrote:

Also, I think that Eggbert was an original game, not a port from something.

Correct Smile Eggbert is the original, Toki Tori the follow-up Smile


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30-11-2014, 14:56

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