Gauntlet on cartridge-any more being made?

Par wilsone73

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27-11-2014, 14:57

Does anyone know if there will be more cartridges of Gauntlet available?

would love this, but missed out on buying one Sad

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Par Konamito

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27-11-2014, 16:34

In Karoshi forums makinavaja said they are working on it... Just need to wait a bit.

Par wilsone73

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27-11-2014, 19:09

Oh GOOD!!!! Smile

Par Akiguchi

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22-01-2015, 16:27

Still no news about Gauntlet cartridges? Thanks a lot! (this is just one of my faveourite games from childhood, so can't wait to get to play it)

Par makinavaja

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26-01-2015, 04:52

You can purchase it on

Par MäSäXi

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01-02-2015, 17:50

I asked from msxcartridgeshop, Gauntlet is sold out and Manuel replied he may build more in 2-4 months, but he doesn´t know any better yet.