Thinking seriously jump to MSX-C / Pascal / ASM

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Par gdx

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03-03-2015, 10:01

For the assembler:

You must understand that there are only instructions for controlling the main CPU (the Z80).

The Z80 can send/receive a value to the main RAM or to other chips via the port address (only 8 bits are used when OUT/IN).
The Z80 can read/write also a value in its registers and perform some simple operations with them. Each register have a particular functions.

The instructions like Basic, Pascal, DOS or other should be created by the developer. (unless if he obtains adequate routines library. The MSX already has a lot of routine in the BIOS.)

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03-03-2015, 09:43

ericb59 wrote:

I would like to try Pascal !!
It's a language I started to learn at school 30 years ago, and yes it was easy to learn.
Where are the libraries you are talking ?

Look for "The large collection of Kari Lammassaari Pascal MSX support files". I agree with you, Pascal is really eeeeasy to use, I love this language. I made my strategy game without any knowledge of MSX Pascal, I made it in order to learn Pascal (every time I want to learn a language I try to make a game, I think it's a good way to learn since you face real problems).

In spanish magazine "Hnostar" there were a tutorial for Pascal, but nowadays it should be preferable a complete book. I'm seriously thinking of trying it too, it's really a nice language.

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