MSX Vhd interface on turbo r?

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Par Opethian

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17-11-2015, 15:00

kisaku is that you? lol

Par magicman

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17-11-2015, 23:18

Sure man Smile

Par sd_snatcher

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22-10-2016, 03:09

magicman wrote:

My MSX VHD/PALCOM collection right now

This lovely DA-80F VHD controller seems to be missing on generation-MSX. website. It's also weird that I can't list all hardware produced by Victor there, either by this name or as JVC/Victor.

Par Sylvester

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23-10-2016, 20:17

Hi sd_snatcher, thanks for reporting it. The bug you mentioned should be fixed now and if you see something else just let me know Smile

Par l_oliveira

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06-11-2016, 23:46

@OP do you have the Video Telopper documents? Manual or tape/disk (if any) that came with it?

I do own one and while I was able to actually use it without a manual or anything (from basic and from internal soft) knowing what is written on the manual would be super nice.

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