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10-11-2015, 14:22

Hi again !

I have sold most of my MSX cartridges. I am not a MSX otaku ..so I had no idea that MSX Konami titles was so popular.
Games I have left are not popular to you so I cut the price down a little.

Anyway , This is my list of remaining games

Panasoft MSX baseball 2
Panasoft MSX baseball 2
Ninjakun majounoboken
Angelo 1984 MASS TAEL
National MSX Baseball CF-SM002
Ski command GPM-103
Gambler jikochushinha (Mahjong )
Gambler jikochushinha 2 (Mahjong )
Wingman 2 e-G191
Pachinko U.F.O GPM-104
Victorious NINE 2 MSX11
Mobile suit Gundam 0201250 Bandai soft
Hole in professional HM-019
Kenja no ishi GPM-125
Koneko no dai bouken chibichan ga iku GPM-124
Color Midway 1983 Magicsoft corporation
Professional mahjong "le chat noir"
Honkaku shiogi kitahei
Raputech 2
Bomber king
Dragon attack HAL
Tere bunny MSX ROM PACK
Popaku the fish MSX ROM PACK
Kinikuman 0204702
Yokaitantei chimachima MK-7401
CF2131 16KB RAM
Hide yousuke meijin no jisen mahjong
Golf kyou Honeybee Soft MXHI 11032
Knightmare RC739
Saga MSX ROM PACK 00190
Yie ar kung-fu RC725
Warroid by ASCII
Bee Pack <--- bee card cartridge converter for slim bee card.

some Floppy loose + Akumajou Dracula loose, Ancient Ys vanished full box with manual Serial HBJ-G062D Branded " Not for sale " and Floppy disc sticker branded "Not for sale" MSX2 Sony HB-F1XD ( possibly a game included with a HB-F1XD unit ) , Wanderers from Ys Full box with manual and bonus cards for Trade only. Please contact me for pictures.

Please order 5 games minimum, $9 the cartridge loose. Pictures of the cartridges wish list will be provided. Games will be sent by EMS with Protected package and tracking number. please let me know your country so I can contact you asap with the total cost.
I am looking for some PCengine titles... If you have some interesting stuff I would like to trade MSX games for PCengine title. ( Please contact me first with your PCengine list ... We could get lucky.)

Special information :

I would like to thanks all the buyers from America, Netherlands, Spain, France and Italia for doing business with me. Most of you did not have any problem to get your Package without getting charged by the custom tax office... but a little of you did have this problem.
thanks to my friend Edu from Spain ... I understand at last the problem. All in All , Any package send to Spain should have a value under 20 euro to pass the tax problem. I personally think the package will not get lost or stolen because of the tracking number that check at every stop of is journey but it is unfair since , if the package get damaged the value refund will be only 20 euro. It is surely a tactic made by the post office to not get charged if some one claim over a lost or else... Anyway, I hope this simple information will help other making transaction from one country to an other easier.

Thank you all and have a nice day Smile

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