Sound but no picture on HDTV with RGB SCART

Par SuchAGoonie

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24-12-2015, 07:27

My Sony HDTV doesn't show any picture when I connect my A1ST with an RGB SCART cable that I bought last year. It does play sound (I tested with a cartridge and just pressed space a bit until the game started) and it sounds perfect. The cable has no problem working on my old Sony CRT TV. Anyone got any idea how to fix this?

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Par djh1697

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26-12-2015, 15:59

HDMI does not support composite video or RGB, how are you connecting it ? My Sony Bravia works fine using SCART inputs for older consoles, not all SCART sockets support RGB, perhaps there is an AV out socket you could use? It appears to have RCA AV outputs, therefore a suitable lead would be

Par Bondy

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26-12-2015, 15:53

You could also get a scart thru splitter so you can derive the sound seperately.

Par SuchAGoonie

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29-12-2015, 08:13

Thanks for the replies. My HDTV only has one SCART socket. My older consoles work fine with the supplied cables, so I guess the input doesn't support RGB. Ah well, my CRT probably gives a nicer picture for my MSX anyway.

I'll probably order that cable though. Thanks. Smile