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Par Meits

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22-06-2017, 21:59

Well, encyclopedia... There are a lot of things from the Dutch 90s scene that I remember hearing of or reading about. For the latter it is quite convenient that all those (disk) magazines are dumped and freely available.
I must admit I did some serious Sherlocking on the Picture Disks and had to check the content of ten in total (knowing very well it couldn't be on the first ones, but whatever).
The second one was the winner of the Moonblaster Challenge by Sunrise. I did remember the melody and knew in which era to search. It's just that Sunrise didn't put a (C) 199x anywhere Murdoch

Par BiT

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23-06-2017, 19:02


Found this on soundcloud. PSG music, only 2 tracks..

Par MsxKun

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24-06-2017, 20:02

poke-1,170 wrote:

not on soundcloud but on bandcamp : (for what that's worth)


Another Bandcamper here. Tho I don't do any stuff in ages... Can't find inspiration (not that before I could do anything good anyway :P ) And I don't do pure MSX. I mix a bit of everything on a DAW.

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