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03-10-2016, 21:31

Ok, nostalgia trip back to past... In 90's I was completely blown away when I heard these tunes made for MSX-MUSIC (OPLL) using MSX-BASIC... I didn't have any idea that you can do this kind of stuff with BASIC before that...

* Massacre March


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14-09-2017, 20:24

Japanese guys proving that, when properly used, the OPL3 soundchip can be amazing.

Please note that there are 4 tracks in total. Two of them in the tweet itself, and he added another 2 in the comments.

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14-09-2017, 20:58


sd_snatcher wrote:

Miwaku no Chousho

On MSX with VGMPlay


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15-09-2017, 01:08


To me your songs sound very good and professional. Sure, your music is aimed at a sub-culture but in my opinion it's very good and deserves a greater audience (of this particular sub-culture... not sure if you'll find it by means of chip-tunes, so expand exposure through other ways; those final listeners/potential fans won't care how you made these awesome sounds!)

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18-02-2018, 13:26

yzi wrote:

I recently picked up Adlib Tracker II to make OPL2 music for the Alllegory demo for the Assembly 2016 Oldskool demo compo

Here's the Adlib Tracker II module: http://www.kameli.net/~yzi/ropl2048_a2m.zip
And an MP3 rendering: http://www.kameli.net/~yzi/ropl2048.mp3

The reason for limiting the tune to OPL2 features turned out to be somewhat arbitrary. :) Visy just wanted to have Adlib music, because there aren't that many PC/MS-DOS Adlib demos out there.

I was surprised at how nice Adlib Tracker II was to use. Or more like, astounded. WOW! I was mentally prepared for a painful experience producing horrible Adlib stuff, but once I got over some initial confusion, the tracker was super easy to use, and to my surprise, I was able to make nice sounds with even just OPL2 features. The trick was to start from scratch with the instruments, and not even look at the bundled example songs. The only trick I had to look for in the ready-made sounds was, how to make the noise for drum sounds - and it was to just use sine waves but with feedback cranked way up. Actually kind of a basic OPL thing, I guess.

I wonder how much work it would be to add OPL4 support for it...

On MSX using RoboIMF player

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24-02-2020, 22:59

This arrangement of Afterburner II is so brilliant! I had to share it with you.

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23-03-2020, 20:09

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23-03-2020, 21:31

I love the OPL2 (AdLib) tunes of Dune II (PC version). Recommended Smile

The Afterburner II arrangement is very good indeed! Smile

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23-03-2020, 21:41

Even Cryo Interactive/Virgin games Dune on PC has a great AdLib sountrack by Stėphane Picq.

I'm sad because on GNU/linux I don't have a player that plays all a2m modules I would like to listen to.

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23-03-2020, 22:34

Can't they be played by adlibtracker2?

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