Philips NMS8280 - should get a good home

Par SooJo

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29-03-2016, 11:55

Have enjoyed it very much, but now, after so many years, it has to go Sad But it deserves a good home.
have a look

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Par marcos.m.carvajal.1

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29-03-2016, 16:31

Look nice! Any chance to have the description in english??

Par tvalenca

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30-03-2016, 01:50

Wow, what a complete set! Good luck on selling it.

And, I second marcos.m.carvajal.1: A english description would be good, since not everyone here speaks dutch (MSX were also sold on Japan, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, England, USSR, Korea, Egypt, and some arab countries) but almost everyone speaks english.

Par SooJo

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30-03-2016, 10:29

OK, at your service, the text in English:

Working Philips NMS8280 MSX2 videocomputer with Philips CM8833 colour monitor, mouse and keyboard. Can be used for digitizing and editing of video with with VideoGraphics program.
Original B-drive broke down (is still available) and is replaced by a 1440 floppy drive (the white one).
With it a Sunrise IDE/RS232 cartridge and connected HDD and CD-player (both in old Apple housing with power supply).
- Joystick
- Cartridges (with software and manuals) like: Miniware Modem cartridge, MSXDOS2.20 cartridge, Turbo5000 cartridge, ToEprom Eprom programmer cartridge (by A. van Kinderen)
- An NMS1431 matrixprinter with scannerinterface and software (homebuild)
- An electronic daisywheel typewriter (Olivetti) with several daisywheels and interface for the MSX printerport.
- A lot of software on diskette, HDD, CD and a few cassettes.
- And finally a row of MSX books (most in Dutch except "the Complete MSX programmers guide" and the "MSX Technical Data Book") and a row of some years of MSX magazines (all in Dutch)

Par o.geerdink

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06-04-2016, 06:44

Very nice lot indeed. Not only some nice mods and hardware extensions but they all have the software, designs and documentations. I'll start with the Eprom programmer.

As said before I already have several 8280's so I have cleaned the keyboard it's keys are taking a bath as we speak in 35% h2o2 ????. I would be willing to part with one of my 8280's although the one from this lot has a z80b mod all my other modded ones have the z80h.

If anyone is interested in a unmodded original 8280 with original diskdrives let me know.

I could also part with the msx technical databook if anyone needs it I have several copies now.