MSX what it means to you ?

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04-10-2016, 13:49

what MSX means to you ?

For me it means all M.S.X. Music Sex eXtacy

As you know i need always even more msx

greetings to all.


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Par msx fan finland

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04-10-2016, 14:05

short update of my situation :
i love buy sell trade msx machines.
i want to spread msx all over

SOLD lately :
al alamiah ax 170
ax 230
Yamaha Ax 350
Gradiente Expert 3 msx 2++
National CF 2000 x 5pcs
Hitachi MB H1 3 MB H3 too
Philips NMS 8250 x 2
NMS 8280
SVI 738 x 17 pcs
SVI 728 x 20 pcs
SVI 707 x 5
SVI 767 x 6
SVI 838 x 3 all sold out
FS-a1 x 4
FS-A1 MK II x2
FS-A1F x2

to me has come lately :
yamaha cx5m II with SFG 05 (reserved)
few yamaha modules too yrm 102 103

i have still few msx FS if needed
Panasonic FS-a1WSX 512 ram 2 fdd etc
cx5m with SFG01

today i got : cx5mII and svi 738

coming soon :
CF2000 National
Gradiente Expert 3 msx 2++

my MSX webshop ( opening soon ...about december 2016
keep in touch.
Have fun with your msx


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04-10-2016, 20:35

For me, MSX means the system that I grew up. I learned to play with MSX. I learned to program with MSX. I learned what a computer is with MSX.

As you can imagine, MSX is a very important part of my chilhood.

Par tfh

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05-10-2016, 08:34

MSX for me is mainly nice childhood memories. Playing games like Boulder Dash, Nemesis 2, Zanac, etc... Later on, making friends in the MSX world Smile Had a great time due to MSX!