A new Discord server for MSX lovers.

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Par thecaver99

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14-09-2022, 12:44

ive just joined the discord and are any channels being added as only place to view not discuss

Par bedroomvampire

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12-10-2022, 04:46

Anyway I'm just gonna post a new server link here following the original MSX Channel discord server nuke that happened a few minutes ago.

Par santiontanon

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12-10-2022, 14:13

Wow, sorry to hear about the original discord channel! I don't think I ever wrote much, but I was checking it from time to time, and looked very active!

Par MP83

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13-10-2022, 12:12

The reason why that Discord server got nuked was because my account got hacked. I've now changed all my passwords using a clean computer and cancelled my debit card, as well as formatted the infected PC. Already sent a support ticket to Discord to get my account back. I'm assuming that the MSX server is just gone, but we'll see. My new account is now MP83#1284, if anyone needs to contact me.

Anyway, there's that new backup server up that bedroomvampire created, who I don't know personally.

Par MP83

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02-11-2022, 22:32

Just a quick update: My old MSX Discord server is gone for good and cannot be restored. I'm also not going to make a new one. I will be sticking with my personal server for general gaming things from now on, instead of maintaining two servers.

If you want to talk about MSX stuff on Discord, there's the following MSX servers by others:

https://discord.gg/vrTnXrUcFV (The MSX2 Channel, by bedroomvampire)
https://discord.gg/nv45bCF (openMSX Channel)

Par Vampier

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02-11-2022, 22:33

thanks for the shout out - just to prevent confusion - I'm not bedroomvampire

Par thegeps

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03-11-2022, 11:37

You are a vampire everywhere, right? XD

Anyway, inside the Phaze101 discord channel there is an MSX channel must unused until now, but the plan is to put there some devlogs, videos and similar stuff. Currently I'm sometime posting on devlog Phaze101 channel my devlogs (because no msx users have joined the channel until now. If someone want to joim here is the link


Par tfh

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03-11-2022, 12:10

That link doesn't work. Try this link.

Par thegeps

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03-11-2022, 13:15

Wow, thanks. Don't know why it doesn't work

Par syn

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03-11-2022, 20:46

Since multiple ppl are promoting their discord channels, im hereby inviting you to the MSX discord server of a friend of mine.


its 2 years old already and growing!

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