Seed of Dragon on openMSX

Par Argon

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05-02-2017, 18:34


I've been a very bad boy, I downloaded a disk game, more specificly Seed of Dragon for turboR.
(Actually I own the original, so I guess that's not really all that bad of me ;-) )

So I chose turboR GT as machine in openMSX and inserted disk 1 of the game.

At first I get a screen where I need to select "Video" or "RGB", but no matter what I choose, after that the openMSX OSD (on screen display) shows flashing lights for "turbo" and "FDD", but nothing happens...

Any suggestions to get this one running?

Thank you guys!

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Par Manuel

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11-12-2020, 08:57

I actually see the same thing happening now with a dump that is quite original... Anyone has an idea about this?
Looks like a copy protection perhaps?

Are there multiple versions of this game?

Par Sylvester

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11-12-2020, 09:01

Not that I know, but my copy is working on both ST and GT machines. So maybe a bad dump? or a copy protection that isn't removed?

Par Manuel

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11-12-2020, 21:04

The working vs non-working had only 2 bytes different. At offset 0x1C00 there is 00 in the non-working and 03 01 in the working version. That does not look like copy protection to me, what do you think?