MSX MegaflashROM SD / MSX disk drive

Par djh1697

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15-04-2017, 23:01

I am considering getting a used Toshiba 3.5" disk drive, to use alongside my MegaFlashROM SD. If i plug to disk drive into slot 2, and the MegaflashROM SD in slot 1, I assume it will boot up with Nestor basic 2.1? I assume if i put the disk drive in slot , i assume it will boot disk basic 1.0 and i will not be able to use the MegaflashROM SD?

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Par st1mpy

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15-04-2017, 23:18

if you are looking at a hx-f101, they are usually 1DD as well.

Par djh1697

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15-04-2017, 23:57

I am aware of it being single sided.

Par Louthrax

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16-04-2017, 00:04

Can't help you with that as I don't have the hardware for it, but you could try that in openMSX to be sure.

Par Piter Punk

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16-04-2017, 06:56

The MSX Disk Basic active will be the one with the higher version. Which will be the Nextor inside MFRSD, not the one inside the Disk Interface.

Par djh1697

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16-04-2017, 14:26

Thank you Piter Punk.