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Par msx fan finland

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25-04-2017, 08:56

HI there,
As most of you know MSX to me is : M.S.X. = Music Sex eXtacy

i will buy msx
i will collect msx
i will sell msx
i will trade msx with others.
i just want spread msx to all over

i use ebay , jauce , FB , yahoo , my contacts

keep msx alive ..
i donate few msx sw/hw producers.
I.J.N.M. = I Just Need More

i have 5 msx for sale now
to me is coming 3 msx in next 5 weeks
i just trade msx to brazil
i have sold about 90 msx away in last 3 years
im searching : Yamaha YIS805 RUS / Aucnet NIA 2001

so keep up good work.
Long Live MSX

Skype:; hauestaja MSX

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Par ren

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29-04-2017, 01:42

Buyers beware (+ here) ?

Doesn't exactly look like 'keeping MSX alive', more like damaging it?

Par syn

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29-04-2017, 13:43

stop destroying innocent msx'es plz!! Tongue Hannibal Cool

Par hamlet

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29-04-2017, 14:12

Please open carefully!

Par Manuel

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29-04-2017, 15:11

hamlet, I'm always worried a bit that you may accidentally drop one of these some day when you are trying to make such a photo...

Par hamlet

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29-04-2017, 15:36

Also my girlfriend don´t allow me to climb the roof again...

Par tfh

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29-04-2017, 23:27

LOL.. Some nice pictures indeed :-) And like Manuel I am also sometiems worried about accidentally damaging those machines. But... please keep them comming.
Do you have a website with a collection of these photo's?

Listen to your wife! ;-)

Par Louthrax

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29-04-2017, 23:37

Look here. I made a diaporama of Hamlet's pictures for MSX2 in screen 7, will try to publish it next week.

Par ren

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30-04-2017, 14:59

So I just read another comment (MSX group):


I always remember your remark, (what you said to me): That you hack those MSX stuff with an axe, if you can't sell it. [...]

Eh.. It just happens you posted a rather appropriate picture hamlet.. Shocked! Tongue

Par hamlet

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30-04-2017, 17:09

Better send them to the moon!

BTW, I know Mika as a nice guy, always trying to help. Did´nt bought stuff from him, but can´t imagine he is ripping off customer that way. I´m sure he will handle this case when the drugs stop to work.

Par Meits

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30-04-2017, 17:11

imho it's quite a dent in his reputation. might cost him customers.

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