More progress on MSX Fuzix

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Par geijoenr

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14-04-2018, 12:32

Well, the debugger is really good for debugging assembler, but Fuzix is mostly C code. With some tricks you can still export the symbols and load them in the debugger, but still is a bit of a pain because you cannot see the source code.

So I use mostly printf sent to the debug device, that way I see Fuzix on the emulator and a the debug console on the terminal.

Par sd_snatcher

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14-04-2018, 13:56

I second that. When I tried to do some C coding for the MSX, it was impossible not to think that we're in 2018 and there are still no good tools to do that.

There are no good compilers able to abstract the memory management (banking) themselves, and there are no good step-by-step debuggers.

This situation results in a lot of wasted time in the development process, that negates the reason for coding in a high level language: productivity.

Par Manuel

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14-04-2018, 15:19

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