RoboIMF - DRO, RAW and IMF music file player

RoboIMF - DRO, RAW and IMF music file player

par ToriHino on 02-11-2017, 21:00
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We can never have enough music format players on the MSX, so after RoboSID, RoboAMAD and RoboAY, Robosoft now brings you RoboIMF. This DOS2 based music player can replay DRO (0.1 and 2.0), RAW and IMF (Type 0 & 1) music files on OPL3/4. These are all files used to capture music on PC based systems ( OPL2, Dual OPL2 and OPl3 ). Files up to 4MB can be used (if enough memory available ofcourse).

By default most files will replay correctly. However, since not all information is stored in the files, some addtional options are provided. From the help of the program:

Usage: RoboIMF [/Sx|/O|/C] 
 /Sx : IMF/WLF Speed 1=280Hz, 2=560Hz, 3=700Hz
 /O  : Force early type of DRO 0.1 file
 /C  : Compensate replay speed for RAW file

 Replay speed for IMF files is usually 560Hz
 Replay speed for WLF files is usually 700Hz
 Replay speed for DRO files is always fixed at 1000Hz
 Replay speed for RAW files is as stored in the file

IMF files are mostly 560Hz (exception is Duke Nukem II which uses 260Hz). WLF files are regular IMF files, only renamed and use 700Hz.
Multiple revisions of DRO files version 0.1 exist, for the very early versions the player needs to be forced to this type.
RAW can have two replay speeds when not set in the file. For the majority the default replay speeds is just fine, if too fast the compensation option can be used.

A large collection of music files is supplied along with the replayer.

Relevant link: RoboIMF

Commentaires (7)

Par ToriHino

Paladin (925)

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03-11-2017, 19:32

Nice logo Big smile

Par Pippo

Hero (521)

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03-11-2017, 19:43

Very, very beautiful player.
Congratulations, RoboSoft. Smile

Par Robosoft

Expert (115)

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03-11-2017, 21:29

@ToriHino: Looks like we have a new mascotte after more than 30 years of RoboSoft... Tongue

Par ToriHino

Paladin (925)

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13-02-2018, 19:02

Small update to version 1.1. This version uses additional mappers as well, next to the primary mapper. This might be especially useful for Turbo R ST users with the original 256k since on this machine by default memory expansions are skipped in favor of the primary mapper.

Submitted to the download section and can be loaded from here as well...

Par Grauw

Ascended (10818)

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13-02-2018, 20:18

Awesome! ST and GT users will be happy Smile.

Thanks for putting in the extra effort. I don’t think it was a lot of trouble, right? I hope other software makers will take the good example! Smile

Par ro

Scribe (5056)

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14-02-2018, 14:45

I've attached the new version to the RoboIMF download part on MRC.

Par Robosoft

Expert (115)

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02-11-2020, 22:57

Already replaced by RoboPlay 1.2 LOL!