Space Manbow 2 for sale

Par rvdwetering74

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08-01-2018, 16:15

Offers welcome

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08-01-2018, 16:46

The missing booklet & label are due to Sunrise not including them originally, promising to send them later but this didn’t happen for many people. However, you or the buyer may be able to get a label and booklet from Guillian, who made the cartridges originally and recently was able to send them to me. Though I’m not sure if he still has any spare ones left, you can ask.

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24-10-2019, 04:51

12 quid?

Par o.geerdink

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24-10-2019, 07:17

Me offer 25 euro ex ship

Par sdsnatcher73

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24-10-2019, 22:57

I’ll do €30

Par o.geerdink

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25-10-2019, 07:12

Can you give an estimate on the shipment costs to the Netherlands? I think shipment from the UK is very expensive right? And if you send it before 31th will it still be without EU taxing? Evil

You're not planning to flee to the continent are you?

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25-10-2019, 09:22

Em, the ad is from two years ago...

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25-10-2019, 12:40

And also the latest post of this user...

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25-10-2019, 15:22