MOAI-TECH #7 online magazine

MOAI-TECH #7 online magazine

par Pac on 14-04-2018, 19:27
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After almost 10 years of inactivity the 7th issue of the MOAI-TECH online Spanish magazine has just been released. In fact this magazine began to be published as a paper magazine releasing a total of eleven issues.

A new era started when the team members and also MRC users, Iván Priego (selios2000) and Julio Gracia (mesiasmsx), decided to continue with the project adopting the webzine format. You can take a look at the previous issues here. Note that texts are written in Spanish language only. Authors aim to launch new issues in near future but they don't expect to do it in a regular basis.

Relevant link: MOAI-TECH #7

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Par Pippo

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15-04-2018, 04:49

This magazine is well realized, really.
And, the Presentation Web Page is more beautiful as well. Smile
My real congratulations for these shining publications.

Par mtn

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15-04-2018, 10:44

Yes, this was a very pleasent read, good translation using google.