This game is a port to MSX of Virus LQP-79 coded by Team-Arg for Arduboy.
Although it's a 48Kb ROM (not very compressed), it's a mini-game with about half an hour of play.

Save the three survivors of each level and escape through the door!

Are you working on an MSX game, or even have one finished? Please consider to submit your work as an entry for this legendary MSX contest, and have the guarantee of a wide as possible audience, gain the attention of potential cartridge producers and even contend to win some prizes!

Relevant link: MSXdev - Virus LQP-79

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  • MSXdev'18 #3 - Virus LQP-79
  • MSXdev'18 #3 - Virus LQP-79
  • MSXdev'18 #3 - Virus LQP-79
  • MSXdev'18 #3 - Virus LQP-79

Commentaires (18)

Par valkyre

Hero (629)

Portrait de valkyre

10-05-2018, 19:38

Cute game!

Par Francisco Tellez de Meneses

Expert (126)

Portrait de Francisco Tellez de Meneses

10-05-2018, 20:46

The image of the girl running away is so cool.

Par Metalion

Paragon (1616)

Portrait de Metalion

10-05-2018, 20:50

Very nice ! I dig the reference to "Zombies ate my neighbours", one of my favourite game of all time.

Par santiontanon

Paragon (1730)

Portrait de santiontanon

10-05-2018, 21:00

Nice game! How many levels are there? (I just had 5 mins to play in-between meetings) Also, the little targets give you weapon upgrade, but what about coins? are they just bonus points?

Par Pippo

Hero (521)

Portrait de Pippo

10-05-2018, 21:54

Very, very nice game, really!! Big smile Big smile
I like it so much! Smile
My real Congratulations to All Great Msx Developers!

Par hamlet

Scribe (4105)

Portrait de hamlet

10-05-2018, 22:20

Great game. I'm waiting so long for a ZEMN clone.
Also thank you to TFH for make it available on his side like all MSXdev games!


Enlighted (6913)

Portrait de ARTRAG

10-05-2018, 22:38

Just reached level 16 ! Well done Pentacour!

Par Grauw

Ascended (10678)

Portrait de Grauw

10-05-2018, 23:29

Francisco Tellez de Meneses wrote:

The image of the girl running away is so cool.

Yes, that’s real nice artwork!

Par gdx

Enlighted (5992)

Portrait de gdx

11-05-2018, 10:25

Nice game and good atmosphere. Thanks.

Par enribar

Paragon (1203)

Portrait de enribar

11-05-2018, 11:13

These are the games I really like!!! No so much exploration and much action!
Like to have tons of them. It reminds me a bit of Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

Par journey

Hero (570)

Portrait de journey

11-05-2018, 13:38

Fantastic work!!
Very frantic and adictive!!
I wonder if after the contest will be made an "EX" version on cartridge with more (an big) levels, more kids to rescue, power ups etc...

Par JasonLee

Resident (40)

Portrait de JasonLee

11-05-2018, 19:13

Adictive game, amazing. Played for a long time

Par JohnHassink

Ambassador (5645)

Portrait de JohnHassink

12-05-2018, 07:29

Have been a big fan of Pentacour since "Nayade Resistance", which I found pretty unique and cool.

This one is a very accessible and smoothly going game. Indeed, once you start playing, it's hard to stop.
However, even if it's indeed a mini-game, in a relatively small ROM size, I would have liked one or two extra gameplay elements some time around later levels (like fake survivors, or traps, or quicksand that slows you down, or zombies that explode and so damage you, or just anything).
So even as it's great fun throughout, it does get a bit samey towards the end.

Anyway, a great entry. I do wonder why the virus (the time limit) only gets in effect after you have rescued the three survivors. Maybe having a time limit from the get-go in each level would have made it even more frantic and exiting.

Par journey

Hero (570)

Portrait de journey

12-05-2018, 08:22

Reached level 31 (with "continue" help)
About the "continue", i think would be more challenging if, after the continue, the score will be reset to 0


Enlighted (6010)

Portrait de NYYRIKKI

13-05-2018, 10:51

Oh, I got a bad ending Sad

Par pentacour

Supporter (9)

Portrait de pentacour

14-05-2018, 16:05

Thank you for your comments! I love that you like it.

I agree with your improvement proposals, but the game is as is. Now I don't have time to make more. I have to correct a couple of bugs I have seen (one of the songs is missing Crying and the song of the intro in some MSX-1 sounds too slow ) and I will reset score when you continue (like @journey says). I think is implemented but it was missing in any check in...

It's a mini-game for the MSXDev, freeware and digital only. To justify the price of the cartridges, I should add more enemies with different mechanics, power ups, levels, tiles, maybe bosses... but I don't have time now.

But sure, thank you for playing and for your feedback!

Par nitrofurano

Champion (301)

Portrait de nitrofurano

12-06-2018, 20:54

where is the download link?

Par MSXdev Team

Champion (298)

Portrait de MSXdev Team

12-06-2018, 21:34

@ nitrofurano: It is a clickable icon looking like this, right beneath the header saying "Downloads":