Found Makaimura (ASCII) (Ghost'n Goblins)! on site MSX Games World .

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Par DrWh0

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17-08-2018, 19:05

In first place I want to make clear that I am not trying to be unrespectful with anyone, simply I am pointing some facts that people seems to forget about our system and typical user configuration:

He is using a cartridge with scc integrated (very few homebrew games has SCC chip integrated in the cartridge) , if you want to have moonsound music in the game you have to add to your MSX Turbo R or MSX2/2+ (if Z80 support is possible) and use a slot expander.

This is not practical for playing a single game, in fact do you would spend so much money only for a game? (not all users has bought all sound & video expansions available).

Then you would need for playing these components apart from your MSX Computer:


Slot Expander (Assembler nor me have one)

Moonsound (Assembler nor me have one)

And the game cartridge itself

The very same for all machines, I believe he has made a great achivement with minimal hardware and have a very close version of the arcade machine the best in fact of any 8 bits computer without any doubt.

I think is reasonable to use a simple and inexpensive cartridge SCC without needing of having extra hardware, if you want a Moonsound version think about donating one to the developer and one for testers Wink to see if is possible to perfect that sound

Don´t think i am being rude, only i point some facts that people seems to forget about our system and about the reality of making a simple game.

Would you buy a game that needs so many addons for playing?

I Don´t think so

Of course, you can always play the current available version that nobody seemed to have complaints with it Smile

Of course if you see a bug, report it but don´t lose the perspective, this is not an emulator, is a game built entirely in MSX running on an MSX machine not a PC.

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