Running PUT9000 under NEXTOR

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Par erikmaas

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16-08-2019, 23:22

Hi ducasp,

I will see if I can switch to the line/row system variables.

About the artefacts, I do not see this on my OCM with Gfx9000 card.
I use the original OCM and first Gfx9000 model. Do you use the same equipment?

I tried the higher clock settings on the OCM as well.
Do you also see the artefacts when showing an ANSI file directly? I am wondering if it might be related to interrupts.

Par ducasp

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17-08-2019, 00:12

Hi Erik, I will check it later this weekend and tell you back. What version of firmware are you running on your OCM system? Did you just make the sdcard using OCM-SDBIOS Pack v2.5 to choose Nextor Alpha kernel, or after that did you use different nextor.sys/ than the ones the SDBIOS Pack use?

My V9990 is a Tecnobytes V9990 PowerGraph Lite.

Thanks for supporting.

P.s.: if you already keep track of cursor position, you can just write to RAM directly whenever you update your variables, DOS or BASIC are not going to change those white PUT9000 is running, this is what jANSI does (I've changed it a little bit so I understand parts of what they have done). Smile

Par erikmaas

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20-08-2019, 21:34

I have just uploaded a newer version of PUT9000

Now it uses the system variables for cursor location. And I played around with the waits for executing VDP commands.

Par karloch

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25-07-2021, 12:02

I just tried this one and while the PUT9000.COM works and I see the cursor on V9990 screen, VON.COM will freeze the MSX :/

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