MSXVR got permission to use the MSX logo

par Pac on 30-09-2018, 11:24
Sujet: Development

Because of the recents events of last August in which Konamiman had the opportunity to meet with Kazuhiko Nishi himself, this fact has contributed to improve the MSXVR hardware status. In short, from now on the project has permission to use the MSX logo.

Relevant link: Nerlaska's personal blog announcement

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Par hamlet

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30-09-2018, 11:48

Long time heard nothing about the project. There have been some delays. Were the required 100 subscribers found? Will the VR be realized in the near future? Is there any news?

Par JasonLee

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06-12-2018, 17:29

as far as I know, this is the current status

Par DamnedAngel

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13-05-2019, 01:35