WTS Konami A1 Spirit

Par sdsnatcher73

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09-10-2018, 18:03

In great condition and perfect working order. Pricing this is a pain. Obviously I am not aiming for €999 like the guy on eBay. I propose everyone send me his/her offer in the comments. I will wait until 20-10-2018 00:00 and sell to highest bidder (if bids are good). Make sure I can contact you through e-mail (in profile or in comment if it is not in your profile).

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Par radicalfaith360

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10-10-2018, 07:24

Is this a real game or fan-made?

Par Stt1

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10-10-2018, 08:09

It is a real game, I have a complete set. And that cartridge in pics above looks like a real piece.

Some more data:


Par Latok

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10-10-2018, 14:26

A Joy Handle. Cool name Tongue

Par АIеks

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15-10-2018, 18:20

20 эвро. SCC - ?

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