31 loose MSX cartridges for sale on marktplaats

Par Mogalious

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25-03-2019, 19:50

Title says all Wink

31 loose MSX cartridges

Metal Gear and Vampire Killer included. As well as Fantasm Soldier, Tetris and Hydlide 1 and 3.
Got no MSX anymore so all are sold "untested" "as is"

auction remains till next sunday evening... highest bidder will get the stuff then.

btw my name is also ebay id so for referals you can check that. :)

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Par Argon

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01-04-2019, 14:41

I tried to make a bid, but there is no possibility to add a bid???
How much do you want for them?

Par Mogalious

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08-04-2019, 16:53

There was a possibility to bid but now it's been sold for 325 Euro.
Thanks for the interest anyway.