Arkos Tracker 2 A5

Arkos Tracker 2 A5

par ro on 14-05-2019, 08:24
Sujet: MSX Related

Arkos Tracker is a modern computer tool to write music on for 8/16-bit computers, such as Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, ZX Spectrum, Oric, Vectrex, SHARP MZ-700, and our beloved MSX. It is a Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac) tracker style tool to write your own nifty PSG ditties. Version 2 has just been upgraded to release A5 with a heap of new features.

While there are a good number of native MSX trackers out there, scoring on modern computers makes live a bit easier sometimes. Tools like Arkos Tracker do a great job on that matter. Write, test, export and enjoy. Arkos Tracker 2 is the evolution of STarKos (an Amstrad CPC tracker) and Arkos Tracker 1 (A Windows-only tracker).

High lights of this new tracker version are:

  • Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac).
  • Manage both standard PSG sound (thanks to an accurate AY-3-8912 emulation) and samples without any distinction!
  • Unlimited AY count! You can create standard 3-channel songs, or 6, 9, 32 or more if you want!
  • 4 columns of effects per channel, including Arpeggio (via a table or inline value), Pitch, slide, glide, change Arpeggio/Pitch/Instrument speed, etc.
  • Import from AKS (Arkos Tracker 1), SKS (STarKos), 128 (BSC’s Soundtrakker), WYZ (Wyz Tracker), MOD, PT3 (Vortex Tracker 2), CHP (Chip’n’sfx). Midi import for the next version!
  • Export to AKG (generic, versatile player), AKY (a new extremely fast player), AKM/AKL (minimalist/lightweight players), or raw for you to use your own format.
  • The AKY player can handle any channel number for you to use all the power of the PlayCity (CPC), Spectrum TurboSound, SpecNext, MSX Darky and MSX FPGA.
  • New sound effect support, shared among songs.
  • Exports can be assembly sources or binaries: it makes it easy to integrate the songs in your production.
  • ROM players available: no more auto-modifying code, a small buffer is used.
  • Sources can be converted to any assembler.
  • Each AY can have its own frequency (including custom ones).
  • Replay rate from 12Hz to 300Hz, or custom.
  • A song is composed of sub-songs, all sharing the same instruments. Helps you save even more memory!

With Arkos 2 you can take the AY, or PSG for MSX geeks, to its limits. Creating 3-channel madness with this tracker should be a breeze, there's no excuse. No more wimpy FM tunes, but hardcore PSG pron bro. There are ready-made replayers for MSX available. Arkos Tracker and the Z80 players are coded and designed by Julien Névo a.k.a Targhan/Arkos

So, why not take it to the test, write your killer tune in Arkos Tracker and submit it to XI MICROCOMPO AY.

relevant link: Arko Tracker web-site

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14-05-2019, 22:40

Great news! Nice Work!


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15-05-2019, 08:34

Import of pt3 files is great

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17-05-2019, 19:02