Avalon RPG OST - Moonsound Edition

Avalon RPG OST - Moonsound Edition

par Pac on 30-05-2019, 18:09
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Jer Der (Jeroen Derwort) also known as Randam Hajile here in our forums, bring us the complete OPL4 soundtrack of Avalon, an RPG game for DOS he developed alongside his brother Bowie in 1998.

The music was originally composed with the PC tool MiGTracker Pro and now it gets a conversion for the Yamaha soundchip. Nothing less than 46 songs in .MWM file format ready to be played in our Moonsound or clone cartridges! For further information please visit this forum thread.

Relevant link: Avalon RPG OST - Moonsound Edition

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30-05-2019, 19:47

Btw, what is better way to play MWM songs from this disk? I tried pressing enter on file in MultiMente (default config of MFR) - it says something about wavekit in USER mode and quits...

Par meits

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31-05-2019, 14:18

Best way to play is in a player made by the creator so you're always sure the right samples are being loaded.
If there are only loose files, playing them in mbwave is your best bet. There are several ways of saving a file, only one of them is usable outside mbwave (the compressed "user" format).

Playing anything made in any Moonblaster from multi mente using a dos player has a few drawbacks:
Moonblaster 1.4 (MSX-Music/MSX-Audio) and older Moonblaster for Moonsound WAVE/FM:
1) There are guys who prefer 50Hz and there are guys who dig 60Hz more. The replayers (normally) do not compensate for the difference in frequency. That might (and often does) cause the tune to play in the wrong tempo. Replayers that do compensate normally require 50Hz song data while most composers wrote their stuff in 60Hz. The prevered frequency is not stored in the song's meta data and therefore a generic replayer will have to guess, which they don't.

All Moonblasters
2) A composer can not enter a samplekit/wavekit name in the song's meta data. For some reason a samplekit/wavekit get stored in the meta data but that data can never be trusted as it's automated. A generic player will therefore most likely load the wrong samples or none at all.

About the user mode:
load the wavekit in mbwave and save it again. Choose the "user" option. I never understood why Remco chose to add edit/raw/user methods of saving. Just user (final product) would do for every situation.

Par Randam Hajile

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31-05-2019, 15:07

Glad you like it. I agree it will be more convenient for replay purposes to save in USER mode. I will do this for all songs and then update the download link. May take a while though, since I will be traveling for a few weeks. But I'll keep you posted. Until then they replay fine with MBWave. Wink

Par Randam Hajile

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11-09-2019, 10:55

There's now also a ROM version with a nice replayer available: