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Par mzoran

Supporter (13)

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10-06-2019, 15:06

Hello people,

here is the first video of a pet project game
Target platform is 16k MSX1 when played as a cartridge.
Any suggestions are welcome.


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Par tfh

Paragon (1937)

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10-06-2019, 16:09

It looks a bit like a mix between Space Invaders & Frogger Smile Smile
Maybe a (iimited) option to make your ship/cannon go faster? Power-ups so you get a more powerfull gun?

Par mzoran

Supporter (13)

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10-06-2019, 16:37

lol, still too early for that, I am happy it can shoot at all. Next comes the collision detection, scoring, ......

Par st1mpy

Hero (516)

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10-06-2019, 17:47

It's a little bit like Marine Battle (ASCII).
Nice colours on the sprites! Are you going to have planes and dolphins etc?


Enlighted (6323)

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10-06-2019, 18:45

Do you know Carnival for colecovision?
It could be a an inspiration

Par mzoran

Supporter (13)

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10-06-2019, 19:11

My inspiration is a game called Sea Wolf
it is a slow paced game, but I like it just for that reason

Par mzoran

Supporter (13)

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10-06-2019, 19:15

lol perhaps a dolphin will appear, graphics is not yet finished..

Par jltursan

Prophet (2223)

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10-06-2019, 19:25

Cool, a lot of nice software "sprites" Smile

Par thegeps

Champion (312)

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10-06-2019, 20:13

LoL, put plates and ducks and we are all back to the Luna Park target practice

Par mzoran

Supporter (13)

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24-06-2019, 23:34

An update, you can shoot things and get points, timer, special targets, test music (not mine, just for testing the player code)...

Par DamnedAngel

Master (159)

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25-06-2019, 02:00

Very nice. Is it only my impression or you've been inspired by Atari 2600 graphics (I mean NO offense here. I surely loved the sunset gradient...)?

Keep up the good work!

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