Interview with the LINKS network developer

Par Takamichi

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13-06-2019, 13:22

For those interested in the LINKS network, I found an interview with Eiji TAKI the president of Nippon Telenet the company running LINKS. Note this company differs from Nihon Telenet who developed Valis and Androgynus.
Title: Legendary "THE LINKS" - The dream I bet on the world's first network game (recommended)

Google translation yields quite good result. You can find his story of building a nationwide network from scratch when there wasn't such thing as network.
Interesting facts are that the LINKS had a direct gateway with Konami, the Daiva game supported online chat, one of the employees later became an Evangelion scriptwriter, and the LINKS's annual income was only 1/4 of the investment... :(

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Par enribar

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13-06-2019, 15:42

Very good informations, thankyou Takamichi! Hope that Google Translation would be good, otherwise you must help us in translation ;-)

Par Grauw

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13-06-2019, 15:55

Thanks Takamichi! That's a really interesting part of Japanese MSX history that we didn't know much about in the west.

Par Takamichi

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13-06-2019, 16:08

Thx for the reactions. The first part is also interesting, mentioning LINKS's unique non-RS232C protocol. LINKS preceded most of the online service providers Smile

Par Manuel

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13-06-2019, 22:53

Very interesting read, thanks! Smile