Please help : the missed component on HIC-1

Par joseph0126

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17-07-2019, 16:22

Hi Folks. I am a new comer and received my first Sony HB-F1XD several days ago, after I disassembled the case and found several components missed on HIC-1 board. Could you advise me what`s the component I circled in red. Thanks a lot.

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Par Grauw

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17-07-2019, 17:42

Missing image? Never mind it showed up now.


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17-07-2019, 18:16

Here you can download the service manual of your model, HIC board schematic in page 11. Follow the tracks and you will be able to know the value of that capacitor easily. I hope you will be able to revive the board. ;)

Par jltursan

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17-07-2019, 18:35

...and before replacing the components thoroughly clean the PCB and check the traces, some severe corrosion can be seen.

Par Meits

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17-07-2019, 20:10

That hic needs a lot of isopropyl alcohol, vinegar and tlc. Poor hic (blame sony Wink ) and pity for you to run into this.

Par hardwaremaker

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18-07-2019, 02:20

Is a 68pF capacitor

Par joseph0126

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18-07-2019, 10:28

Thank you very much .. Face