Picked up an old Project again - Deva

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Par zPasi

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19-09-2019, 18:28

PM / email received and answered.

Par erpirao

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31-12-2019, 14:08

Any new/progress?

Par RobertVroemisse

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26-03-2020, 10:53

The main game is finished. All levels are implemented and graphically and musically fine tuned. We are now working on the visual scenes. These scenes will take some time because they are quite big and use a lot of animation. But no worries, we will really finish the game this time. Wink

Par Grauw

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26-03-2020, 17:25

That’s great news!

Par valkyre

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27-03-2020, 15:22


Par journey

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27-03-2020, 18:49

FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Par hamlet

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27-03-2020, 21:49

When I saw it in Nimega for the first time I didn't even notice it, because I thought it was a good GFX9k game. Only when I realized that this was done on a normal MSX2 I stopped breathlessly. What a fantastic work. I am looking forward to the finished product!

Par ray2day

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28-03-2020, 10:03

@RobertVroemisse Good old dust off the Deva Project. You showed me the progress of game at the Nijmegen fair. Before it was looking good, and in Nijmegen you showed me the new detailes and all the stages. What a beautiful goodlooking game. Graphical super and such smooth game play. So much levels. Good to hear you're about to finish the game. Let me know when it is, I will surely buy one copy. Keep up the good work! Cool

Par erpirao

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28-03-2020, 14:14

it would be nice to see a video of the new progress,
we want to believe

Par sd_snatcher

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28-03-2020, 14:21

Looking forward to seeing your release!

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