Here comes an adventure in the cold land of the penguins! You play the role of a penguin (ofcourse) and your mission is to buy a present for your penguin friend Paula. Try to find enough money for it while you explore the world around you and meet some nice people.

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Relevant link: MSXdev - Jäästä

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  • MSXdev'20 #2 - Jäästä
  • MSXdev'20 #2 - Jäästä
  • MSXdev'20 #2 - Jäästä
  • MSXdev'20 #2 - Jäästä
  • MSXdev'20 #2 - Jäästä
  • MSXdev'20 #2 - Jäästä

Commentaires (6)

Par Pippo

Champion (469)

Portrait de Pippo

02-03-2020, 11:02

Very, very nice adventure! Big smile
My real Congratulations! Big smile


Enlighted (5609)

Portrait de NYYRIKKI

03-03-2020, 21:07

Yes... Definitely an adorable coffee break adventure.

Par tfh

Prophet (2471)

Portrait de tfh

03-03-2020, 21:48

Jäästä is cute!

Par Uninteresting

Master (167)

Portrait de Uninteresting

03-03-2020, 22:55

Thank you for your comments.

The main impetus for creating Jäästä was in testing how an adventure game that did away with both pixel hunting and parser keyword guessing would work (A: poorly). It really is short and lacking any real challenge, so I don't think I'll need to write a walkthrough for it. I noticed some more bugs (some colour clash issues in the apple orchard, the entry script to the island shore doesn't trigger the first time the player arrives there, a character's line lacks quotation marks around it), but nothing gamebreaking.

Given how generic/reusable the game engine is, I'm considering updating it to support a memory mapper and maybe allow me to create a bigger game for the next MSXdev (multiple independent "episodes", each shorter than Jäästä) with a longer story and 'more optimized' gfx... although I'm not too sure how welcome this type of game engine reuse would be in the compo.

Par Rataplan

Master (228)

Portrait de Rataplan

04-03-2020, 13:47

Very nice little game! I finished it in about 10 minutes, and indeed it's very straight forward but still in the village there is a bit of exploring about. The one thing that annoyed me was when skipping text with spacebar (it's appearing too slow for me) I often triggered the first option in the list. Not sure if I repeatedly press spacebar too often, but anyway that's what happened to me a lot. Apart from that, I really like the stile of the game.
Well done!

Par salutte

Expert (108)

Portrait de salutte

16-08-2020, 16:13

It's a super nice adventure! Thanks a lot!