reset game with sofarun

Par Hypersoft

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18-05-2020, 16:19

How can i reset a game with Sofarun without using the reset button on my NMS 8245
I use the keyboard and a turbo arcade joystick for playing the games

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Par ren

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18-05-2020, 16:28

Sorry for playing moderator here, but there's no need to open new topics for these small/minor questions.
Before opening a new topic please try to find out first if there's an existing/running topic where your question might fit. Things get cluttered otherwise.

I see you already asked some questions in the SofaRun 7.0 thread, I suppose you could have asked this question there as well.


Par Louthrax

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18-05-2020, 16:29

You'll need a JoyMega adapter, and a Megadrive pad for that. You can build the adapter yourself if you have basic soldering skills, or order it here. There are good new Megadrive compatible joypads made by Hyperkin. This will also allow you to map joypad buttons to keyboard keys (to open Metal Gear or Maze of Galious menus, pause games, etc...)/

Also, it will only work for ROM images now.