Looking for a CX5MII(/128) and/or CX5MU

Par sdsnatcher73

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10-07-2020, 19:16

If anyone has one of these and does not really need it anymore I would love to buy it. I need just the machine but if you have SFG and YK accessories and only want to sell as a set just get in touch. The machine should preferably be in good condition. For the CX5MII any country variant is fine, for the CX5M I am specifically looking for the US version (indicated as CX5MU on the label).

You can contact me through my e-mail which you can find on my profile page.

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Par kiwimsx

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11-07-2020, 19:40

Good afternoon, I have a msx cx5mII / F in very good condition, if you are interested my email is moronmatas@hotmail.com, thank you.

Par o.geerdink

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11-07-2020, 21:44

Ben jij iwein

Par sdsnatcher73

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12-07-2020, 18:22

Nee ik ben niet iwein...